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Put Atlas Application Services to Work in Your Operation

Atlas associates are trained to add value for customers by helping them develop the right fit between various metals and applications. Our steel application development process includes value analysis and value engineering. Our associates listen and learn from our customers, then apply their knowledge to recommend the right material, perfect for our customers’ products and manufacturing processes, without over-specifying. Following are a few examples of recent steel application development:

What’s that burning?

A commercial oven manufacture had an unhappy customer. The customer’s oven was corroding unexpectedly. Atlas was called in to evaluate the situation. Subsequent visits by Atlas sales and technical staff determined that the oven user was exposing the aluminized steel oven to a far more corrosive environment than it was designed for. A redesign using stainless steel solved the problem, resulting in increased future sales for our customer.

Quality first

A new ownership group acquired an after-market muffler customer. After trying a new steel supplier based mostly on price, the customer realized the total value of Atlas’ 99.8% on-time delivery record, our inventory management expertise (AIM) and our flexibility in short-term demand changes. We were called back in and during discussions learned that the customer was entering a certified quality system based on ISO 9000 standards. Given Atlas’ successful implementation of the same standard, we agreed to provide consulting services to help them set up their implementation team and choose the proper system registrar. We won back the business and the client moved ahead with their certification.

Sleuthing upstream

A large exhaust tubing manufacturer kept experiencing product failure in which welds were splitting during tubing expansion. Atlas was asked to analyze the problem. It turned out not to be the welding process, but was instead a metallurgical problem from the supplying mill. Atlas worked with the mill to adjust their material chemistry. The solution worked and now the mill and customer are both pleased.

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