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3CR12: The Superior Choice For Your Utility Stainless Steel Applications

Atlas Steel Products stocks and processes 3CR12, a ferritic utility stainless steel that provides the heat- and corrosion-resistance benefits expected from other stainless products, along with additional advantages of weldablity and formability.

3CR12 is a chromium-containing stainless. Because it does not depend on alloying elements nickel and molybdenum to lend their stainless properties, 3CR12 offers a cost advantage compared to other corrosion-resisting stainless steels. It also can reduce your product costs through the elimination of protective treatments and corrosion allowances. In service, Atlas’ utility stainless provides savings in maintenance, improved productivity and longer service life. 3CR12 has been proven to offer lower life-cycle costs than other materials where corrosion or abrasion affects service conditions.

3CR12 is certified to ASTM A240 UNS S41003 ( It also conforms to the European grade for stainless steel type 1-4003, included in specification EN 10088, which covers stainless flat and long products.

Its fine-grained microstructure makes 3CR12 well suited for welding and other forming and fabrication. It has been successful in many applications, typically providing advantages of excellent performance and economy. Applications for 3CR12 include:

  • Bus and Coach – Frames, chassis, steps, wheel arches, handrails, firewalls and other parts.
  • Truck – Bodies, containers, tanks, frames, battery boxes, hoppers, sweepers and chassic.
  • Railcars – Freight, coal cars, tanks, hoppers, passenger cars, structures and frames, panels and doors, floors, cabinets and enclosures.
  • Materials Handling – Predominantly wet material handling, including coal bins and chutes, conveyor systems, hoppers, scrapers, decking, skips, separators and screens.
  • Sugar Production – Wheels, troughs, flumes, weirs, stone catchers, decks, floors, flights, hoppers, diffuser linings, bulkheads, cane knives and beet slicers, juice wells, feed tables and conveyors.
  • Agriculture – Silos, chutes, wet produce handling, cattle trucks, drinking troughs, feeders, fertilizer tanks, kilns, manure spreaders and machine housings.
  • Ethanol – Storage tanks, dryers, walkways, fluid lines and pulp handling.
  • Mining – Deck plates, conveyor pans, idler rollers, air doors, mine car hoppers, shaft ranges, skip liners, breakers, hoppers, chutes, hot gas ducting, pump covers, oil tank roofs.
  • Engineering – Turbine exhaust, nuclear power stillages, cooling stacks, high-voltage capacitor boxes, shelters, flood gates, power plant hoppers and conveyors, weir plates, cable trays, water and sewage treatment equipment, tile curing racks, spray booths, dust control, handrails, stairs and walkways.
  • Pulp and Paper – Tanks and process vessels for black liquor tanks and clarifiers for green liquid, extraction gate washers, hoppers and recovery chutes for boiler ash, stacks and ducts for combustion flue gas, potable water storage, salt cake hoppers, and bins and chutes for woodchips, lime, bark and other materials.

Atlas Steel Products can deliver your 3CR12 in slit coils, sheets and blanks.

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