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Green: Atlas Delivers Steel Products For Energy Production

No question about it, our world is becoming a greener place. The burden is on industry to continue developing ways to reduce our reliance on fossil fuels and to minimize the pollution they produce. Atlas Steel is uniquely qualified to serve those companies who are at the vanguard of the green movement. Many of our customers manufacture steel products for energy generation and production.

Atlas’ leadership in providing stainless steel that withstands hot and corrosive environments provides great value for the growing energy production market. The experience we gained with residential and transportation product applications has served customers in the energy business as well.

We provide stainless in coils, sheets, blanks and tubing for a variety of energy generation applications, including ethanol tanks, wood stoves, chimney liners, ventless liners, high-efficiency furnaces and industrial scrubbers. These industries demand the highest quality, the tightest tolerances and often operate in the harshest environments. We also are a partner with many customers in providing steel value analysis and value engineering that result in better materials, smoother manufacturing operations and, in many cases, reduced costs.

Atlas has a strong reputation for exceeding customers’ expectations and helping them develop better, longer-lasting and better-performing parts to make our world a cleaner, greener place.

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